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nathan, you will never be forgotten.
i love you.

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Reblog if you love, SELENA GOMEZ!


she’s been getting alot of hate lately, and i think all she needs is a little love from her fans<3 

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hahichangedmyurl said: HOLYSHIT. Your tumblr is like, the best ever. and WE HAVE THE SAME NAMEEEE. :')

Haha. Thank you. Today’s the first day I’ve posted something on it in over two months or something. And ah, yay! :D

I wanna make a Jelena support blog now.

Just so I can tell all you haters off.

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 livingwithabrokensoul answered your question: Justin & aer my HERO. thank you for saying this

You Jelena haters, are just so fucking pathetic. 

That is long over due.

Justin & Selena.

First of all…

Haters, fuck off.

You don’t like Selena? Okay, cool. I get that. But seriously? Saying you’re going “kill her” or that she’s a whore, slut, bitch, etc. does not make you a better person. It actually makes you look bad. Does putting someone down, who has done absolutely nothing to you, make you feel good about yourself? If it does, then that is just pathetic. 

Calling her a “fame whore?

Really? I love how y’all are all saying Selena’s a fame whore. Just because the guys she’s been seen out with. She’s not a fame whore. She has pleanty of fame on her fucking own. She doesn’t need anyone else, to help her get famous. So shut up.

But, if you want to call her a fame whore, then you should also be calling Taylor Swift a fame whore too. Look who many guys she’s dated. One after the other. Joe Jonas, Lucas Till, Taylor Lautner, Cory Montieth, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chord Overstreet. 

Those of you who are saying…

"Selena’s only dating Justin for fame." Really? You know this how…? Exactly. You don’t. You don’t know anything about Selena, to say how she feels. You don’t live inside of her body. You don’t make her decisions. You don’t know what she’s thinking. There for… You don’t know that she’s dating Justin for fame. 

Have you ever given the slightest thought that maybe, just MAYBE someone loves him just as much as you do? 

Isn’t that what you Beliebers want? You want someone who loves Justin, who cares for him, who makes him happy, etc. Selena is doing just that. Just because that’s not you beside him, who paparazzi are taking pictures of doesn’t give you any right to bash the girl that’s on his side.

If Selena didn’t make Justin happy, he would NOT be with her. It’s that simple. Why don’t you get that? 

Justin is old enough to make his own decisions. He knows what’s good for him and not good for him, and what he needs to do. If there comes a time where he doesn’t feel things are going well, he’ll call it off with Selena. But obviously, today’s not that day. She’s obviously doing something right for the boy, which makes him happy.

I thought Bebliebers were there to support Justin. Not talk bad about him, just because of who he is dating! Grow up. Seriously. If he didn’t love Selena, he wouldn’t be wasting his time with her. If you were a true “Belieber” you’d be happy for the guy. Not try to bring him down. 

Jasmine and Justin…

They’re over. They’re like Jemi, or Niley. That’s the past. Selena is the present. Stop living in the past on a couple, just because you don’t like Justin’s current girlfriend. Move on. 

It’s not your love life. You don’t control Justin. You don’t know what he feels. You can’t tell him what to do. I’m tired of seeing shit being said about someone who hasn’t done anything to you. 

Just because everytime someone snaps a picture of Justin and Selena together, and they don’t look happy, doesn’t mean they aren’t happy. They could be tired, worn out, exhausted, or not even feeling well.

Just because they don’t look happy, doesn’t mean they aren’t. I’m pretty sure, as long as they’re together they’re happy. I’m sure they get tired of people snapping pictures, even when security tells them not too. It’s not that hard to comprehend the sad looks on their faces. 

You Jelena haters need to stop acting so immature about a boy, that’s not yours.

Selena and Justin have been friends for a long time now. Their friendship is just one of those that sparked into a relationship, because obviously they both felt something more for each other than just friends. If you can’t accept that, then why even bother calling yourself a fan?

Just so we’re clear… I love Justin and Selena. I love them together. I also love Taylor Swift. I’m just sticking up for a couple, who is constantly getting bashed by a bunch of ignorant, immature group of teenies.

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